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Greetings. To those I owe trades.... I have not forgotten! I have all your cards out....Will send out when I get my 1st paycheck (week of 7 Mar). My plans kind of veered to the right and a lot of stuff was put off, my apologies. Please send stuff to the address in the system when you receive my cards, as my fam is still there. Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience.


Never gave up hope. Good luck with your new job, hope it works out well. And thanks for the update.
let me know about are trade
It's cool. I knew you had stuff going on.
Wow, your always running into snags. Our trade took about 3 weeks and you had something come up then as well. Hopefully things get on track for you soon.
Looking forward to receiving my end soon. Thanks for the update
Have not received my cards yet
(03-06-2012 01:41 PM)bravesfanatic1 Wrote: [ -> ]Have not received my cards yet

Man it took almost a month or so to get mine. His excuse then was he was having a baby. I don't know but I'd start making him send first just until he shows he can manage his time well enough to ship. I made him ship first and he still took a month.
let me know about are trade
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