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So, after getting these cards in conjuction with blue jay auto's, the trade has 'fallen through' and i no longer need either these cards or blue jay autos. I'll take Hockey or Elvis Essential cards. Or some random cards that are pretty sweet like referee patches or hot tennis chicks or i dont know. Anything i guess. Not a baseball collector in the slightest.

I've got these baseball for trade too: (these are for sale/trade too, i don't collect baseball)

2005 SP Authentic Signature #36 Eric Chavez/75 (auto)
2011 Bowman Chrome Throwbacks Refractors #BCT2 Dee Gordon
2011 Topps Pro Debut Materials #BB Brandon Belt (jersey)
2011 Topps Pro Debut Materials #DG Dee Gordon (jersey)
2007 Bowman Signs of the Future: Brandon Moss (auto)
2007 Bowman Game Used Base: German Duran
2005 UD Season Opener: Angel Berroa (Jersey)
2005 UD Season Opener: Magglio Ordonez (jersey)
2005 UD Season Opener: Rocco Baldelli (jersey)
2004 Sweet Spot Sticks: Preston Wilson (bat)
UPDATE: (just got this in)

[Image: 3001-1.jpg]

[Image: baseballcards2.jpg]
nobody? bummer. these cards blow. ha.
(02-29-2012 10:11 PM)Optimus_Prime Wrote: [ -> ]nobody? bummer. these cards blow. ha.

atleast you have a sick avatar
I might be able to part with some of my Jays autos. What do you have for Iginla, Gilmour, MacInnis, Lanny Mcdonald, Fluery, Joe Nieuwendyk? Only looking for them in Flames uniform or team canada in the case of Iginla
And boom goes the dynamite
(03-01-2012 06:26 PM)Optimus_Prime Wrote: [ -> ]And boom goes the dynamite

sorry man no me a price. sweet avatar x2
bump for the update.
I have no hockey and no cards of the King, but I'd like to have the Moss, Duran and Gordon cards, look me over. Please.
id like to get rid of all my hockey.
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