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right now i have about 300 dif david ortiz cards i am hoping to hit two big marks this year

1. 500 dif cards of his by end of july
2. 1,000 dif cards of his by the end of the year

please if you have any of his cards that i do not have in my sig then pm or send me a offer

also looking for

2010 piendamont auto's
cards of any player in my sig or players on this list
jered weaver
david ortiz
jeremy hellickson
daniel hudson
ike davis
cards of anthony rizzo
2011 topps comm patches (i know a bunch came out in a few dif sets not sure if they all the same or not if they are then great if not then just the ones that came out in topps 1 and 2)

if you have any of these please let me know thanks
Check my organize. I probably have a couple you could use.
open offer sent north any1 else come on i know some1 has some of these cards lying around
You can take a look at mine. Not sure which exact cards you are looking for though. None are marked as wants in your org.
I have this do you need
[Image: BOOK_0003.jpg]
check me I may have a few.
necka open offer sent sesfan didnt see any ortiz listed for trade in your trade section pao with you living out of states it would cost to much to ship thanks anyway though
I have a few Ortiz cards, including a 2010 topps heritage chrome black if you need it.
I've got about 50-60 different in my org including a GU. Take a look and open a trade if you need any...
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