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Full Version: WTTF Bowman Platinum
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Looking to trade for any of my Bowman Platinum wants- either 2010 or 2011. They are all marked as wants and will trade for in Organize. All of my available cards are marked as for trade as well. Will be on and off all day and will respond quickly
Only one I have is Matt Kemp.
Thanks Raven, probably not worth the postage though. LOL
pm me your 2011 platinum needs. I have like 4 complete sets of this product no problem helping you with base set
If John can't I have a bunch of 2011 too that I have not put in the org
check my org
(02-29-2012 10:08 AM)0mattinglyalexander0 Wrote: [ -> ]check my org

Saw a good amount, what are you looking for??
John and Greek,
All my wants are listed in my org as want and trade for. I also have a folder titled 2011 Wants and 2010 Wants.
click my sticker, my set needs are there.
(02-29-2012 10:20 AM)0mattinglyalexander0 Wrote: [ -> ]click my sticker, my set needs are there.

Sorry, didn't see anything I have that you need.
I'll check your list and add some in also before I send stuff out for our trade. Your the only one so far that has shown an interest in it
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