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I made so many sales last week, just editing pictures and re-bumping didnt even make sense. So I re-did all my scans and added new stuff with new prices

Again, here is what I am looking for:


I reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly wanna get some of the cards off my want list, I will even trade in your favor for some of the higher ends

Red Sox Autos (Lester, Gonzalez, Crawford, Ortiz, Beckett, Pedroia)
Must be in a Red Sox uniform!

Nick Markakis Autos (That I do not have) 2007 Triple Threads, 2008 UD Ultimate GU/AU, 2008 Triple Threads, 2007 Turkey Red, 2009 Ultimate Collection, 2009 Piece of History GU/AU,

Ryan Braun Bowman Chrome AU RC
Tim Lincecum Bowman Chrome AU RC
Dustin Pedroia Elite RC AU
Andrew Miller SP Authentic Letterman AU
Miguel Cabrera SP Authentic Letterman AU
Jim Thome SP Authentic Letterman AU
Catfish Hunter AU
Curt Schilling 2011 Tribute GU/AU
Cal Yazstremski 2011 Tribute GU/AU
Eric Hosmer Bowman Chrome AU
Brett Lawrie Bowman Chrome AU
Julio Teheran Topps Finest GU/AU
Jacob Turner Bowman Chrome AU
Phil Rizzuto GU/AU
Bill Buckner Auto (Red Sox only)
Craig Biggio Gu/AU
Mike Aviles SP Authentic Letterman AU
Geovany Soto SP Authentic Letterman AU
Randy Johnson SP Authentic Letter AU
Chipper Jones SP Authentic Letterman AU
Deven Marrero Topps Chrome or Topps USA Gu/AU
Aaron Sanchez 2010 Bowman Chrome AU

I will check buckets and will be picky but there are stuff not on my want list I'd be trade for

Shipping is 2$ on anything under 10$, these are all BEST OFFER too.

[Image: scan0075-7.jpg]
Bobby Doerr 15
Ryan Zimmerman 15
Lance McCullers 25
Tommy Hanson 15
Jed Lowrie 8
Chris Coghlan 5
Logan Morrison AU 8
Logan Morrison Red Hot Rookies 3
[Image: scan0076-7.jpg]
Logan Morrison Threads 15
Logan Morrison Bowman 10
Ichiro Refractor 10
Sean McNicol Plate 8
Logan Morrison Prime Cuts 10
Kurt Suzuki 5
Trevor Cahill 5
Sean Brady Blue 15
[Image: scan0077-7.jpg]
Luis Aparcichio 10
Brett Anderson 20
Red Schoendensit 20
Starlin Castro 20
Austin Jackson 20
Carlos Beltran 8
[Image: scan0078-6.jpg]
Roberto Clemente Pin 15
Yonder Alonso 10
Moustacos/Chissenhall 25
Brody Colvin 15
Carl Crawford 40
Trevor Cahill 5
[Image: scan0079-6.jpg]
Sonny Gray 20
George Springer 20
Nolan Fontana 10
Brett Mooneyham 5
Tyler Anderson 5
Sean Gilmartin 10
Bobby Doerr 15
Jemille Weeks 8
[Image: scan0080-6.jpg]
Alex Rodriguez 30
Tim Beckham 5
Desmond Jennings 10
Jake McGee 5
A-Rod Patch 5
Tony Perez 15
Victor Martinez 5
[Image: scan0081-5.jpg]
Nick Markakis 15
Carl Crawford 10
Sergio Santos 10
Jed Lowrie 8
Alfonso Soriano 5
Kyle Drabek 5
[Image: scan0082-4.jpg]
Brandon Beachy 15
Dustin Ackley 15
Brian Matsuz 5
Jordan Walden 8
Dan Haren 5
Yasmani Grandal 8
[Image: scan0083-4.jpg]
Teheran 25
Aaron Crow 25
Hector Noesi 10
Adrian Gonzalez 25
Angel Pagan 10
Neftali Feliz 25
[Image: scan0084-5.jpg]
Brett Lawrie Bowman Chrome 7 Each
Brandon Belt Bowman Chrome 1 Each
[Image: scan0085-4.jpg]
Bryce Harper Best 5
Matt Moore Bowman Chrome RC 5
Ivan Palez Orange Refractor 5
Gerrit Cole USA 3
Mike Minor Blue 3
Miguel Sano Refractor 10
Buster Posey Gold 5
Buster Posey Blue 10
[Image: scan0086-4.jpg]
Matt Moore Bowman Chrome 4 each
[Image: scan0087-4.jpg]
Bryce Harper Lot 25
[Image: scan0088-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0089-3.jpg]
Manny Banuelos Bowman Chrome Lot 10 (15$ for the lot) Total 2$ each
Jacob Turner Bowman Chrome Lot 6 (10$ for the lot) Total 2$ each
[Image: scan0090-3.jpg]
Bubba Starling Bowman Chrome 4$ each
Eric Hosmer Lot 15$
[Image: scan0091-3.jpg]
Ian Kinsler Black 25
Strasburg Blue 10
Strasburg Gold 20
Tulowitzki Blue 10
[Image: scan0092-3.jpg]
Topps X-Fractor Lot 10$
[Image: scan0093-3.jpg]
Topps Bowman and Topps Gold lot: 30
[Image: scan0094-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0095-3.jpg]
Bowman Chrome USA Refractor and base lot: 30
[Image: scan0065-9.jpg]
Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor Lot: 20
[Image: scan0096-2.jpg]
[Image: scan0097-2.jpg]
[Image: scan0098-2.jpg]
Bowman and Topps Blue Refractor Lot: 30
[Image: scan0099-1.jpg]
Robin Yount: 75
Eric Hosmer Letterman: 50
Buster Posey: 45
Jimmie Foxx: Trade Only
[Image: scan0100-1.jpg]
Eric Hosmer Finest Gold: 90
Ted Williams GU: Trade Only
Matt Moore Elite: 50
Chase Utley: 75
[Image: scan0068-8.jpg]
Topps Chrome USA AU Lot 20
[Image: scan0070-7.jpg]
[Image: scan0071-7.jpg]
Topps Finest Green/Orange Refractor Lot 20
trade sent, work with me!
can I get a check for posey tribute? If you see nothing please pm your best price
Will send you a PM...
i like the matt moores, jacob turner chrome auto, sonny gray USA
Work with me!
are you meaning the SP by the letter on those Aviles?
(02-28-2012 09:00 PM)elberson Wrote: [ -> ]Work with me!

I told you last time, do not send anymore offers. You expect me to trade you a Hall of Fame GU for cards either A) I already have and B) do not want and get pissed at me when I say no.

Stop asking for it.

I am looking for the 2009 SP Authentic Letterman Mike Aviles AU
I like the Gilmartin USA auto
I like the Ackley
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