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Need Purple, Red, Gold, and Atomic.

Let me know if you have any, and feel free to check the org out!

Need all but the xfractor on Descalso.
LOL figures I have an orange of him. He was the skurge of my pulls in 2011. I have a black border from topps and a blue ref (base) from bowman chrome. Check my org. if you are interested.
check out the box break forum. someone just pulled a refractor auto out of finest.
nvm i just saw you already contacted him.
Ya, hoping i can work that out, if not ill need the xfractor as well.
Thursday try.
Someone has to have either of these guys for trade.

Need Purple Red Atomic super of Sanchez.

Need Base, green, orange, gold, purple, red, atomic, and super of Descalso.

Let me know if you have any!
Anyone????? Need Helppppp haha.
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