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Hi all,

I've got these 2 uncut sheets from 1994 Collector's Edge that I'm hoping to trade for cards depicting U.S. Presidents and cards from 2009 Topps American Heritage that I still need.

First sheet is 1994 Collector's Edge Boss Squad Bronze EQII. Contains complete set. Great HOF players.

1994 Collector's Edge Boss Complete Set Uncut Sheet

Second sheet is 1994 Collector's Edge FX (Silver Letters w/ Gold helmet shield). Contains 3 complete sets + extra Elway, Aikman, Miller, and Sharpe. I wonder if that's an indication that maybe the Montana, E. Smith, and Bettis were shorter printed?

1994 Collector's Edge FX Silver Uncut Sheet

Thanks for looking and hoping to hear from someone with perhaps President memorabilia or serial numbered cards. Let me know what you offer up and we'll go from there. Smile
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