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I'm thinking of pre-ordering a box, but don't know if I want to go with the Leaf Metal or the Topps KO. They're both about the same price, but the Leaf comes with 8 autos and the product is limited to 150 cases. They also say they removed a lot of the lesser known fighters. KO comes with 4 autos and 4 relics.

I'm leaning toward Leaf, but what do you think?
I personally am not going to buy another Leaf MMA product upon release until they can prove there is value in their boxes. Boxes for Leaf were like $120 last year when they came out and now you can hardly give them away for more than $60 while Topps Knockout nearly doubled in price. Plus their base set was an epic fail and they may as well just done 8 packs with one card/auto per pack.
I know what you mean. I've always liked the metal cards for one thing, and with a limited production I think these may turn out better. I know the international was limited last year and it was much higher per pack? I would probably prefer KO, but I would rather have the 8 autos. I'm torn.
I went with Topps KO.
I want an official autograph list before I make a decision, but they have not even shown what the cards look like yet....if you have any pics please post. I am also big on relics, I think the fighter relics and mat relics are more fun to collect instead of autographs. On plus is you wont have to deal with Topps and their redemption process.
I agree with Steven. I dont think I would touch leaf because they cant hold their value.
I agree with most points. Myself, I prefer autos, rather than relics. I do like the auto relics though, which Leaf doesn't offer. Leaf are all on card AU's, with no redemption's and that's a big plus. I'm still waiting on redemption's from Topps product. I compared several completed listings on the Bay for Leaf and the basic Knockout AU's and most of them sold right at the same value. I think it's the same with everything, the stars sell or hold value well no matter what product. The lesser known fighters, not so much. I've bought several for .99 of the lesser knowns. The thing with Leaf though, they had a ton of lesser knowns and that's why the boxes are so cheap now. You usually pull 1 descent AU and 7 low level fighters.

I did go with Knockout right now. The main reason being I couldn't find a checklist for Leaf. I do have an Overeem Metal preview card in my bucket if you want to see one. I'll probably buy a box of the Leaf as well though. They're only producing 150 case with 12 boxes a case, so I think they're going to do well. I personally hope they do well, because competition is never a bad thing.
I guess I'm more collector than investor. I don't care what Leaf products are worth, or how their value will hold. If it is a nice card, or a name I need for my PC, I'm getting it, regardless of who produces it.
(03-05-2012 11:42 AM)windmortal3375611 Wrote: [ -> ]I guess I'm more collector than investor. I don't care what Leaf products are worth, or how their value will hold. If it is a nice card, or a name I need for my PC, I'm getting it, regardless of who produces it.
That's how I feel too. If I were buying any cards as an investment, I would be in bad shape. Most boxes I buy I definitely couldn't get my money back out of them. I like the look of Leaf, so I will definitely buy some. I may just give it a week or two. I think the stars from Leaf have held their value fine and most sell for the same as KO stars. The same can be said about the unknown fighters from both sets, most can be bought for under a couple bucks.
I do agree with windmortal on this one....I do not care about "book Value" so much as I do with cool cards and my PC but i dont want to pay $120 a box for cards that you can buy for next to nothing on the secondary market. I have about 8 sets of Leaf MMA, but at the same time that was from buying lots on the secondary market and not if Leaf puts out a good product I will buy some. They have a long way to go to "compete" with Topps and having Rory MacDonald autos is not going to make me bite on a $120 or more per box.
im gonna buy some leaf metal but gonna wait and see how it does a week after its release ive already spent money on a case of knockout and kinda bummed that it keeps getting delayed but ill be happy if its getting delayed if there is less redemptions but i like the way leaf metal looks
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