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well for the small price tag of 586.00.. I just bought 3 boxes of contenders and 2 of of crown royale.. I still cant believe I laid down that kind of cabbage for cardboard.. thats alot of money to me.. oh well cant take it with you.. stay tuned folks for the break.. wish me lots of mojo!! I need it..
Good luck. =)
Good luck on your breaks and your sig is priceless!
Good luck with the boxes!!! Wishin you a MAJOR PC hit Big Grin
Good Luck
Good luck but looking at when youposted this, it doesn't look so good?
I just sacrificed a chicken for you
WOW good luck man!
thanks alot guys I appreciate it!! hopefully they will be here atleast wednesday. I bought 2nd day air.. and card ripper.. I appreciate your voodoo ways!!
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