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Im out of town for the weekend and decided to go rummage through the local Target and they didnt have any Fanfare or TM so I got a 1/2 off blaster of Main Event and a few PP.
I cant complain with a hit but wish it wasnt Kesuckski Big Grin
First person to come up with $25 worth of JJ I dont have can have it. Or $12 paypal... Or an equal bv card I just want him out of my sight.
[Image: brad.jpg]
You know I want that!!!!!!!!
(02-25-2012 03:27 PM)punkinhed1226 Wrote: [ -> ]You know I want that!!!!!!!!

You still collecting kesuckski? Thought you quit...
I still like him so I am gonna collect him again.
$12 paypal its all yours!!!
Sweet hit
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