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Full Version: New for Trade
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[Image: BrianWisonGU.jpg]

[Image: NeilWalkerauto.jpg]

[Image: CaseyMcGeheeGU.jpg]

[Image: KyrieIrvingrc.jpg]

[Image: BillRussel002.jpg]

[Image: ShaqRC1A.jpg]

Also an Alfonso Soriano 1/25 Patch no scan yet.

PM me
is there anything your looking for in particular?
(02-25-2012 03:24 PM)sastahl Wrote: [ -> ]is there anything your looking for in particular?

I like St.Louis Cards stuff and Ginter stuff. Attempting to stay away from base unless it is a vintage Cardinal I need.
I could use the Kyrie Irving
Would you please check and see if I have anything you want for the Topps cards?
Responded to PM
Offer sent!
check me for the shaq
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