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Selling some cards just to get rid of some that I have. They are all in the org or at least will be in a moment shoot over an offer if you want any or all . If its a reasonable offer ill take it.

[Image: 002.jpg]

[Image: 001.jpg]

[Image: 001-1.jpg]
added trout and banks
lmk if u decide to trade the trout
(02-25-2012 12:39 PM)jonathancard Wrote: [ -> ]added trout and banks

Trout is not added?
(02-25-2012 02:05 PM)tdog4468 Wrote: [ -> ]Trout is not added?

its there for sure now just checked..
How much for banks and campy
(02-25-2012 02:41 PM)camco2 Wrote: [ -> ]How much for banks and campy

pm sent
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