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Overall, I think I did ok. I just opened 2 of them tonight, so I've only scanned the first box so far.

Box 1 -
Redemption -- Titus Young, Detroit Lions
[Image: chb2011playoffcontendersadams.jpg]
[Image: kacc2011playoffcontendershouston.jpg]
[Image: neyg2011playoffcontendershynoski.jpg]
[Image: bar2011platoffcontenderssmith.jpg]

At least the Smith is on-card. Anyway, after those pulls, I was really afraid ALL my boxes were going to be disasterous... but the next two were pretty good IMO --

Box 2 -
Redemption -- Daniel Thomas, Miami Dolphins AU RC
Denarius Moore, Oakland Raiders AU RC
[Image: oar2011playoffcontendersmoore.jpg]
Jacquizz Rodgers, Atlanta Falcons AU RC
[Image: atf2011playoffcontendersrodgers.jpg]
Buster Skrine, Cleveland Browns AU RC
[Image: clb2011playoffcontendersskrine.jpg]
Delone Carter, Indianapolis Colts AU RC (on-card)
[Image: inc2011playoffcontenderscarter.jpg]

Box 3
Pictures below...
I see so many FA autos with this years' contenders, i haven't gotten one, but thats whats scarying me off.
Yeah, 2 in my 1st box, but none after that.
Interested in the Denarius Moore. Check me please.
Is the Gordon ft? Plmk
Everything above (and more) is for trade, but as my signature says, I am only looking for 2010 Sam Bradford autographs. If you have one I need, I would still have to give you a lot more to make it equal.
Box 3 pictures --
Richard Gordon, Oakland Raiders AU RC
[Image: oar2011playoffcontendersgordon.jpg]
Ryan Kerrigan, Washington Redskins AU RC
[Image: war2011playoffcontenderskerrigan.jpg]
Shane Bannon, Kansas City Chiefs AU RC
[Image: kacc2011playoffcontendersbannon.jpg]
Jordan Todman, San Diego Chargers AU RC (on-card)
[Image: sadc2011playoffcontenderstosman.jpg]
Kendall Hunter, San Francisco 49ers AU RC (on-card)
[Image: saff2011playoffcontendershunter.jpg]
Rookie Roll Call Autographs #14 Shane Vereen #/10
[Image: neep2011playoffcontendersvereen.jpg]
Wow... the design of that Rookie Roll Call card is unfortunate. It makes the sticker look all f'ed up, but it is in perfect condition. You can look closely and see that the bottom of the sticker is right below the S, and has nothing to to with that messed up looking spot.
Nice Vereen!
(02-26-2012 04:43 PM)demondukk Wrote: [ -> ]Nice Vereen!

Thanks! It's #09/10
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