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Got a call today from the people doing the Verizon Wireless NFL Trivia contest that went on from like Sept-Nov. lol I only anwsered questions 1 time and figured it didint hurt to just enter the sweepstakes(figuring theres no chance in the world i'd win).Well anyways I was chosen as the winner for signed Carolina Panthers Merchendise.Dont know exactly by whom or what it is lol I'll be sure to get some pictures whenever I get it in!
Awesome! Nice work man
Thats pretty awesome! Congrats bud! Take pictures and share when they show up, maybe a nice Cam Newton full sized auto jersey and helmet are in your future.
Cam it comes. Congrats. I know you will keep us informed.
sweet man. cant wait to see what you get.
haha one can only wish its something of Cam Big Grin thanks guys
Sweet bro congrats. Can't wait to see what it is
That's awesome! Congrats! Can't wait to see it.
Congrats! Hope you get some good stuff
Congrats. Can't wait to see that Jimmy Clausen Jersey Smile
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