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Full Version: WTTF Matt Wieters
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Anyone out there have some Wieters cards?
I'm looking for major league cards only of him in Orioles uni.
Others can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Wieters is NOT part of the MLBPA, so isn't featured in his Orioles uni on cards...
Nope, his Upper Deck cards from 2009-2010 have him in an O's uni. Those are the ones that I'm mainly looking for.
I think he just pissed Topps off by signing that exclusive deal with Razor a few years ago, so they're just refusing to put him in any products. I heard the rumor about him not being a part of the MLBPA but I couldnt find anything to corroborate it. In fact, here's a story that lists him as a MLBPA representative on a MLBPA/White House initiative:

Edit: To add, Casey Kelly also signed the same deal with Razor, and despite being a top 100 prospect for the past 3 years, he's yet to be included in any of the prospect-laden sets like Bowman Chrome and Sterling, despite being on the ever-popular Red Sox in 2009, 2010, and most of 2011. So that leads me to believe that Topps is getting what revenge it can. However, Yonder Alonso and Tim Beckham also signed Razor deals, but they both had cards in Bowman releases last year, so it's a cloudy situation
Keyser (great name, btw), I'm so Salty about that. He's my favorite current Oriole, and my son's too, and we can never bust a pack and find him in there. Sucks.
I wouldn't be surprised if his agent(Boras) didn't have something to do with this. I know around the Baltimore area, dealers have tried to get him in for public signings but Boras wants $120-$130 a signature. That's a Cal Ripken price for a guy who has only played a couple of seasons. It's also worth noting, we can get Ray Lewis, a future HOFer, for about $80 an auto.
Boras.... grrrrr.
Yeah, it's a shame there aren't more cards of Wieters in mainstream products. I like the kid, but aside from a handful of 2010 UD base and this beauty, I don't have much of him.

[Image: IMG_3373.jpg]
nice card...
i have a wieters georgia tech auto patch if your intrested in it
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