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I know I could post this in box breaks, but these are also all FT (and will be added once they're in the system), so I figured I'd post it here instead and include lots of photos in case anyone is debating whether to bust a box for themselves. If you're interested in anything, just lemme know, but a warning...the Starling is gonna be tough to pry from me.

Supposed to be 6 autos per box including 2 on-card (most of the top guys are on card), but both of mine had a Sweet Signs auto, which must have been the extra auto. The Sweet Signs are #d to 99, other autos are not numbered.

Overall a fun break, lots of insert sets, some fun photos of the MLBPA guys and nice cards. The atomic-like cards are much nicer than they show up in the scans. Would have liked stronger on-card autos, but the Starling makes up for that. Will probably buy more. Cheers!

[Image: contenders1.jpg]

[Image: contenders2.jpg]
Artist Proof Maples /49, Playoff Maples /99, Atomic-like Trout /299

[Image: contenders3.jpg]
Atomic-like Bauer, Bradley & Jungman /299, Playoff Cote & Baldwin /99

[Image: contenders4.jpg]
Atomic-like Freeman, Trumbo & Boyd /299

[Image: contenders5.jpg]
What do you need for Starling? He's a Royal so I gotta sve him.
Didn't see anything marked FT that I'd want for it, sorry man.
That bubba is a huge pull, congrats man.
Thanks man. I busted one mroe box and pulled a Bichette auto from the prospects set, so I'm pretty happy with the product overall.

(02-24-2012 02:33 PM)Krangry Wrote: [ -> ]That bubba is a huge pull, congrats man.
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