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Full Version: Help with GQ needs
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I really would like to finish as many of these sets as possible.

Will trade in your favor if it helps complete the red back set or helps put a dent in my black mini needs.

Gypsy Queen Needs

Great ones Minis:
2,4,11,12,13,14,15,17,18,19,20, 24,25,26,29,30

Home Run Heroes Minis:
1,2,3, 8,14,15,19,20,22,23,25

Future Stars minis:
2,4,10, 11,13,15

Base Minis:

Red Back minis:

Rarer GQ minis (these are my haves, I need everything else)

Black Minis Haves: 3,4,14,16,31,32,56(x2),60,62,69,71(x2),77,78,83,91,95,101(x2),110,,112,115,116,1​18,153,157,166,175,180,193,196,197,199(x2),200(x2),207,208,209,220,234,247,254,2​66,282,285(x2),287,293,296,297,308,313,317,322,328,334,350

Sepia Mini Haves:

Variant SP Haves:

Leather Mini Haves:
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