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I just had to buy it My PC was calling for it nothing to fancy but I like it!

no that year is great man! tough!
i have a few bears books but the 2 i need to finish are $350+....not gonna happen but those are cool and you have a nice one..real nice!
i think mine are 1937 or 38'...something
here are mine
dear mother gave me the 4 green ones on my 40th b-day..i had to buy the others cuz i like em'
[Image: 013.jpg]
[Image: 005.jpg]
That is awesome man!!!
wow those are nice still have some nice color to them for the age.Good luck on the last 2
Very nice.Older than anything in my collection lol but only by a few years and oddly enough mines also a Redskin Tongue
Well what is it lol
Choo Choo RC

[Image: CharliechoochooJustice.jpg]
Love it man Thats awesome...Thanks for showing it man I love the vintage
I do not have a scan with just the match book but here is the 1 I have. Smile

[Image: 003-9.jpg]
sweet I wonder do they have different advertising for each player card or was there different set with the same advertising
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