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Working on the 1976 Topps Baseball set (need 429 more).

Eventually working to complete the remaining sets from my lifetime 1972 - 1975 Topps baseball (including 1974 Traded).

Please let me know if you want to try to work something out.
1909-11 T-206
2006 Upper Deck Epic here I need alot so anything is welcome doubles included.

Currently working on.....
2001 - 04 and 2006 Upper Deck & 2006 - 2010 Allen Ginter

All my needs are marked in my org plus I have a continuing post in the trade section.
I have a ton of 2010, 2011 and 2012 topps cards so if anyone is trying to finish a set let me know and I'll see if i can help. Always looking for base dbacks in return if you have them if not no worries just cover shipping and their yours for free.
Can you add me for these sets please.

2000 SPx Baseball
91-Vernon Wells /1500 AU
95-Eric Gagne /1500 AU
98-Josh Beckett /1500 AU

105-Jack Morris /1500 AU
106-Gabe Kapler /1500 AU
107-Lance Berkman /1000
113-Jerry Hairston /1000

116-Bruce Chen /1500 AU
118-Carlos Beltran /500 AU
122-Roy Oswalt /1600
124-Sean Burnett /1600
128-Daylan Holt /1600

139-Xavier Nady /1500 AU
148-Barry Zito /1500 AU

152-181 Base Cards (would like to grab these all as a lot)

192-Ross Gload /1600

2007 Tristar Farm Hands
AB Andrew Brackman SP
DM Devin Mesoraco
DP David Price SP
JV Josh Vitters SP
MB Madison Bumgarner
MD Matt Dominguez
MM3 Mike Moustakas
MW Matt Wieters SP
PA Phillippe Aumont SP
TA Tim Alederson SP

2000 SPx RC Autos
134 Brian Urlacher /2000 AU
135 Bubba Franks /2000 AU
144 Jamal Lewis /2000 AU
152 Shaun Alexander /2000 AU
155 Thomas Jones /2000 AU
158 Travis Taylor /2000 AU
160 Courtney Brown /500 AU
161 Peter Warrick /500 AU
162 Plaxico Burress /500 AU
I'm trying to complete a 1959 Topps set.
155 cards left
(02-22-2012 01:53 PM)Merovius Wrote: [ -> ]Currently in progress:

1955 Topps
1956 Topps
1975-1979 Topps
2011 A&G Mini Black

Doubles FT/FS:
1955 Topps
1956 Topps
1980-1985 Topps
2011 A&G Mini; 2011 A&G Mini A&G Back

My org needs a lot of tedious.
I know, right? My uncle has dementia and so he wanted me to have his baseball cards and I was so touched. Yeah, well now its like three weeks later and I am still sorting them out and finally I am getting to putting them into my online collections. I have nooooo idea what I am doing, and trying to figure it out as I go. I am glad I have them but we figure there are at least 15 to 20 thousand all scattered in boxes (12 boxes total) and I just needed to hear someone else admit this is mind nubbingly tedious but hopefully worth it.
2001 Topps Gold Serial #/2001 FULL SET
I need this ONE card to re-complete my 2004 Flair MLB set. I accidentally traded away the card b/c my ORG didn't update right when I traded away the duplicate I had.

2004 Flair #59 Derek Jeter

I'm also looking for the 1992 Pinnacle card #46 ( Chili Davis) to complete the Series 1 set,
AND the 1993 Fleer card #'s: 17 (Assenmacher), 105 (Morandini), 159 (Willie McGee), 255 (Navarro), 322 (Juan Gonzalez), & 350 (Barry Bonds) to complete the Series 1 set.
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