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(02-22-2012 06:09 PM)sastahl Wrote: [ -> ]Right now i only have 433 (kyle davies) and 471 (hamilton AS). there available if you need them

I'd rather do bigger deals for the SPs. Thanks though
I can help with all three of these needs. Give me a look.

(02-22-2012 06:12 PM)collector1974 Wrote: [ -> ]Currently trying to finish 2010 & 2011 topps update. Still working to complete 2009 topps base set.

Been working for several years on 1975-77 topps. Always looking for cards in these sets.
Right now I am working on:

1970 Topps (ex-mt or better) have 421 of 720 (some needs marked)

2011 60YOT Original Backs - have 80 out of 118 (all needs marked)

2011 Gypsy Queen Framed Paper bronze /999 - have 77 out of 100 (all needs marked)
I am working on:
Gypsy Queen black minis set
2011 Topps Original backs including the lost cards
Topps Cleveland Indians team sets 1952-2012
2011 Goodwin Champions mini sp, regular mini, black mini and foil minis
Gypsy Queen single Autos
1888 N25 Allen & Ginter Wild Animals of the world
1980 Topps
I've pondered this myself. Needs to be a section.
Working on these sets
2007 bowman chrome refractors ---just base not the auto
2007 bowman chrome draft refractors---not the autos
2007 topps update redbacks
1964 topps venezuelan set......... been on it for a couple of years now because they are very tough to find
Working on a PSA 5 and above 1957 Topps set.
working on 2008 tristar projections need just auto's

2007 Bowman need just auto's and sign of the future auto's

2011 tier one crowd pleaser (4/55)
I am working on the 2011 Topps master set as well. need a few of the inserts, mainly blue and red diamond, plus a few pie face sp's, and am also working on a 2011 topps Cubs Master set, basically EVERY card rom 2011 topps featuring a Cubs player. Need 3 black, 5 cognac, 2 silk, castro sparkle, and about 20 hope diamond, and 3-4 red factory set parallels.
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