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Was waiting on a redemption for a Topps Prime level VI Titus Young. I have pulled several of his cards from various products so I asked for a replacement. This is what I got in the mail yesterday. Thanks Topps!
[Image: 2012-02-21190402.jpg]

It is actually worth more than the Young I was waiting on too. Funny thing is, I had been wanting to get a Gronk auto for a while and finally traded for one just a few days before receiving this ironic! Anyway, it is for trade.
Oh, I like, I did very well..
would have taken the titus but i am a bit bias lol. nice replacement!
Wow, nice replacement
Great replacement gotta love that
Not bad at all lol
great auto of a great guy and player
Definitely an awesome replacement!!!! Congrats Smile
Well, there ya go!!!!!!!!!!!
(02-22-2012 12:13 PM)mattsurewood Wrote: [ -> ]Wow, nice replacement
Trying not to date myself, but is that Spicoli? lol
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