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So, going through e-bay trying to determine what I think are the Contenders SPs... doing this a little at a time. So far I DOUBT these are the SPs (greater than 10 avail on e-bay)

Cam Newton
Andy Dalton
A.J. Green
Alex Green (redemption)
Jordan Todman
Henry Hynoski
Marcus Gilchrist
Colin Kaepernick
Marcell Dareus
Christian Ponder
Jake Locker
Jamie Harper
Greg Salas
Austin Pettis
Kendall Hunter
Randall Cobb
Greg Little
Ryan Williams
Taiwan Jones
Blaine Gabbert
Mark Ingram
Stevan Ridley
Doug Baldwin
Von Miller
Julio Jones
Kyle Rudolph
Edmond Gates
Mikel Leshoure
Torrey Smith
DeMarco Murray
Vincent Brown
Leonard Hankerson
Jerrel Jernigan
Delone Carter
Tyrelle Pryor
Ahmad Black
Alex Henery
Allen Bradford
Anthony Allen
Anthony Castonzo
Anthony Sherman

And these are my suspect possible SP:
Card #102... I don't even have a name yet!
Greg McElroy (NY Jets)
Aldon Smith (SF 49ers)
Jimmy Smith (BAL Ravens)
Da'Rel Scott (NY Giants)
Ryan Mallett (NE Patriots)**
Daniel Thomas (MIA Dolphins) - REDEMPTION**
Jon Baldwin (KC Chiefs)**
Bilal Powell (NY Jets)
Robert Quinn (STL Rams)
Adrian Clayborn (TB Bucs)...not surprised since he was SP in Prestige
Akeem Ayers (TEN Titans)
Aldrick Robinson (WAS Redskins)

Will look up more later... feel free to add on thoughts and comments!

**suggested by other members that these are NOT SPs...
Jon baldwin and Daniel Thomas definitely are not SP's. There are 28 of the the thomas redemptions on the other site right now and you have to type in jonathan baldwin, not just jon and there are lots. I also dont think Powell is one but possibly could be. Aldon Smith has to be one because there have only been like 7 of them total on the site since they came out. Powell has 8 just right now so..........Just my thoughts.
titus and leshoure are definately not sp's as well ebay watered down with them... i think you are definately on the right track here.
No chance Daniel Thomas is a SP. He is the only one Ive followed. lol.
Ooooh I have a Daniel Thomas, maybe I will hold on JUST IN CASE Wink Although I agree its probably not.

Also dont think Powell is as there have been several in the box break section, but maybe they are all just getting lucky (when every other product Powell is unlucky and usually one per box, ha).
Also dont think the mallett is one. There are like 40 of them listed. I definitley believe Aldon Smith, Greg McElroy, and Jimmy Smith are SP's. Not to sure on the Scott right now but probably is also one. So I would say the top 4 of your list are SP's and the bottom 4 are not SP's.
Wow....they finally made Powell a SP in something........
Raiders Richard Gordon only has 6 listed on ebay and i hit one tonight in a box break. So thats 7 of him known for sure
Jeremy Kerley (NY Jets) is one as well Sad They're listed high on the Bay
theres a website I was on the other day that had broke down at the time how many were showing up of each card,i'll look to see if I can find it. I know Owen Mariec? something like that hasnt had many and I havent seen a Weslye Saunders one either.
Here was a list the other day
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