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So, I have a box the LCS is holding for me tomorrow but I drove home by another one of favorite card shops on the way home from work and couldn't resist checking out some Contenders (YEAH, my favorites). I told the guy to bring down the box and I was going to open a few packs till I got an autograph, or two. First pack, I got the auto RC of JJ Watt. Not bad for one pack, so I kept going and on pack six I got another auto RC of Mike LeShoure.

When I started, the box was missing three packs. I figured the person before me did the same thing I did, so I thought I should probably stop. That would mean there were possibly two autos left in the last 15 packs and I didn't really like those odds so much, especially buying at "pack" prices. I rationalized I was ahead of the game at that point.

How did I do, all in all? I know I certainly could have done much worse but I'm pretty happy, particularly for only six packs. I really hope I kick butt on my box tomorrow! Thanks in advance!
Thats hilarious man! Sounds like a day in the life of ITongue Will you leave the last pack or pony up and clean the box fearing that last pack could be the big hit?
I did leave 15 packs, if it was 2-3 I definitely would have bought them. I had a dream that the Cam was in the next couple pack. Oh, the life of a gambler.
Go backand get them
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