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Was only numbered to 125 so wasnt expecting much...and only took a couple weeks to redeem, so I was happy all the way around! NFT...gonna hang onto the couple autos I have of him hoping for a Gronk/Graham type situation.

[Image: kylerudolphplatinum.jpg]
For a card numbered to 125, that is one sweet patch! Nice going'!!
Not a bad card! I pulled his contenders and the more I was thinking of getting rid of it the more I was like wait lol hes only gonna get better and hes built exactly like Gronk.I mean he's produced at every single level and he had some great catches this year.I think he could have a really good sophomore season.
yeah he just needs a QB, haha. if you look to trade it, lmk...
Thats a really neat cardSmile Sweet scan bet its beautiful ip
I bought a Kendal Hunter card just like that for 15 bucks!! The patches are so nice and lots of cool breaks. I love my Hunter and I dont even really collect him that much. Sweet card congrats. I think mine is number way higher then 125 so thats not bad at all.
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