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By player would be the most ideal for me. I dont have a bucket nor do I like searching, but that would make it easiest for me. I like searching or as I can search by player, hence my preference for PB. Just know that isnt the most efficient when you have 1 or 2 autos of star players however...
I used to have my autos and mem cards separate, but people always went straight for the autos and then ask if you had any more of whatever player they were looking for.
Now I just combine them and try to put players cards next to one another.
Going by year drives me its. I prefer auto, jsy, serial numbersd in a ft folder. Ccupps used to spilt those categories up into low/mid/hi end and it made things easy IMO.
this coming from the guy who has a mess of a bucket.
I have all my auto and jersey cards in one folder. Each one starts with the city and team initials, the base set year and name, and finally, the player's name, such as --

nyg2011certifiedsimms --

[Image: nyg2011certifiedsimms.jpg]
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