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I don't have much flash left for trade,but I'm bored(day off),all the chores are done,I'm addicted to trading,and I want to get some trades out! Check me and see if I have any of your set needs or PC needs. I have mostly base & inserts,so maybe we can have a big ol' trade.

I collect:

Alex Rodriguez (Any team)
Mickey Mantle
Yogi Berra
Mark Teixeira (Yankees Only)
Thurman Munson
Jorge Posada
Mariano Rivera
Cal Ripken Jr.
Derek Jeter
Robinson Cano
CC Sabathia
Curtis Granderson (Yankees Only)
Nick Swisher (Yankees Only)
Troy Tulowitzki
Tim Lincecum
Brian Wilson
Mike Stanton

NOTE: If you start a trade and see any 'Stars',those are the ones I HAVE. I know,it's backwards,but it works for me! Big Grin
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