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Im in the middle of adding these to my organize. If you see something you want post it here.

[Image: cole_1.jpg]
[Image: cole_2.jpg]
[Image: Cole_3.jpg]
[Image: cole_5.jpg]
[Image: cole_6.jpg]
[Image: Cole_8.jpg]
Hosmers and you have lots of justice i need. Lmk thanks!
I could use Sosa, Brock, Castro, and Andrus
I could use the Starlin and the Elvis if you could check me for those please. Thanks
Not sure if i have what your looking for, but love the gibson, and the brock.
Check me for the gibson or shoot me a price. Also like the greinke chrome.
i need the pujols and the hosmer ref.
please check me for the Brock and Gibson
check me for the Sosa, Gibson, and Griffey please
like the bob gibson auto,starlin castro auto and the ripken gu
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