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Got some more mail and a Shoutout to the good Doc to post up but wanted to get my newest COMPLETE rainbow posted up. Here it is boys and girls 

Base /999 x 2 

[Image: JustinHouston715of999.jpg]

[Image: 7A7E400A.jpg]

Mirror Red Auto /250 x 2 

[Image: JustinHouston208of250.jpg]

[Image: JustinHouston109of250.jpg]

Mirror Blue Auto /100 x 2 

[Image: JustinHouston93of100.jpg]

[Image: JustinHouston78of100.jpg]

Mirror Gold Auto /25 

[Image: JustinHouston6of25-1.jpg]

Mirror Emerald Auto /5

[Image: JustinHouston5of5.jpg]

Mirror Black Auto 1/1 

[Image: B1059C0A-1.jpg]
Awesome dude, congratulations! Just in time to start the Totally Certifies rainbow Smile
awesome lump!!
Certified is the best rainbow set there is! Congrats!
beauty!! way to clean that one up bro..Rainbows are my favorite part of the player tough yet so a good set kinda. dont you think Lump? sets rule of course,but the player rainbow has to be a close second IMO..
nice man. congrats.
Awesome Lump! Looks great!
Nice still wishing I could finish just one. Good looking set lump
Very nice.
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