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Hey everyone. I'm in the process of re-entering my nice cards in ORG, and am open to trades. I've got a good start (hopefully finish up by next weekend), and have quite a few Cubs mem and auto cards, as well as a handful of Yankees including a Dante Bichette Jr. Purple Refractor. If you're interested, send me an open offer. Just looking for something that catches my eye.

open offer sent
Just added my 2012 Topps highlights, including a Lou Gehrig Commemorative Patch and a couple nice Jeters and Mantles.
I'd love a shot at the Bichette...what r u looking for specifically?
offer sent over for some Cubbies
Rizzo is gone... I'm waiting back on an answer about the Bichette. I hate to have several offers for one card out at the same time, seems like a used-car sales trick (no offense!). I'll let you know what happens.
Thanks everyone.
Open offer sent. See what you can find.
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