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Full Version: Nervous! Thoughts?
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I have a card on Ebay and yes it's Jeremy Lin. His cards are selling so high right now. Well in like 10 hours is has over 30 bids and almost all the guys have less than 10 feedback. I am nervous that people will think it's shilling of some sort, but really, it's just NON card collectors signing up for Ebay since they want some of Lin. What would you think?
Well 1st they need proof, 2nd if your not doing it then your conscious is clean right?
I wouldn't sweat it, and hopefully you can cash in !! Just hope you have some restrictions on shipping internationally posted in your listing, because that would give some potential to getting burned. Otherwise you should be ok and let the bids roll in !!
I'm just letting it play out, a guy messaged me and said he's from Tawain so I'd add a few bucks to ship to him. It's other out of country non card collector's who want him!
i have not done much in basketball but always had to make sure out of the country shipping was specified. seems almost all my bb sales were overseas. and never once had an issue with payment, shipping, feedback or anything. good luck with your auction.
Well I say as long as they pay right away you are in the clear. You are going to see a ton of Asian bidders on his cards. Good luck and may you cash in big!!
Thanks guys!
There's no delivery confirmation on anything thats shipped out of the United States. So there's no way to verify whether someone receives a card or not, if they file a claim with paypal they will win and you will be out the money and the card.

I would not take the chance to sell to anyone out of country that would be sketchy, or if you do, I would take the time to make a video of yourself packaging the card and putting it in the mailbox.
No worries man I once had a set of auctions and 2 of my cards have like 100+ BIDS EACH...I would look at the bids and one guy bid like 40 times in a row...1$ at a you cant help it if someone makes it look like shilling...just hope whoever wins it pays right away
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