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Wow what a dead box! Not really impressed with this product, certainly not worth what I paid for it. Definitely will do a bit more research in a box next time around.. A nice Kobe 'Mod Squad' insert and a Nowitzki rookie, but other than that not much to get excited about. The Autographics was Corie Blount.. Ugh. Any Lakers fans? haha The rest of the notables are listed below and updated on org:

1998-99 SkyBox Premium #205 Kobe Bryant (Ninety Fine) x 2
1998-99 SkyBox Premium #236 Ryan Stack RC
1998-99 SkyBox Premium #255 Dirk Nowitzki RC
1998-99 SkyBox Premium #261 Roshown McLeod RC 1998-99 SkyBox Premium #262 Mike Bibby RC
1998-99 SkyBox Premium #264 Tyson Wheeler RC
1998-99 Skybox Premium Autographics #16 Corie Blount
1998-99 SkyBox Premium B.P.O. #5 Tim Duncan
1998-99 SkyBox Premium Fresh Faces #3 Al Harrington 1998-99 SkyBox Premium Mod Squad #4 Kobe Bryant

All for trade, looking for Paul Pierce, Eddie House or Rondo. Thanks!
(02-19-2012 02:26 AM)NEHeadquarters Wrote: [ -> ]The Autographics was Corie Blount.. Ugh. Any Lakers fans?

I believe its Jpleazme on these baords that's looking for an auto of each Lakers player or something. Check with him.
Also kct1 collects lakers I believe.
Thanks for the heads up guys, I'll check with them.
Nice kobes
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