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Id like to get my hands on a Bowman Chrome Auto... Would be willing to do part trade part cash Thanks RIchard
I have some of the retail chrome refractors ft. Send me an offer you want them.
Your other post says trading for nothing but Bonds. I am confused.
that post was from weeks ago and someone commented on it today. Didnt get much of anything in the Bonds Categoy and i know you still have some bonds cards you were going to sell me, but i know i never came up with a figure for you. So i figured id go the Harper route and see if i can get any of them

(02-18-2012 10:37 PM)dbroockerd Wrote: [ -> ]Your other post says trading for nothing but Bonds. I am confused.
I think i have a signature stars Jersey of his listed, also have the prospects card out of sig stars as well
well they are there as well as 2 Harpers if you wanna make that offer now
evening bump
I have a silver retail chrome if you are interested.
you make it so hard to trade with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you please look at the Bonds offer? If youre not interested, Esa is, but Im holding off with him since we have talked about these prior.
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