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Got an email from solid133 a week or 2 ago asking for my email. Here's what came (I THINK it's from him!)

pc Gilyard /250 (I have the /200, so cool)
[Image: pcftbllcardz_solid133-2.jpg]

Gibson pc /499 (Dupe, but still cool!)
[Image: pcftbllcardz_solid133-1.jpg]

And then, same day in my mailbox instead of the P.O. box, was a ftbllcardz package. /anyone getting one of these knows it's always good! (Thanks Mike, you rock!)

JStew SS
[Image: pcftbllcardz_solid133.jpg]

JStew UD Draft Bronze /50 (I have the regular version so, very cool)
[Image: pcftbllcardz_solid133-4.jpg]

And this SJax /36 (I'd love the rainbow!)
[Image: pcftbllcardz_solid133-3.jpg]

Thanks for looking and thank you Mike & ? (Alegria?) for the awesome packages!!!
Awesome stuff, Kelly!
Thanks! I'm loving it!
Great job guys!!! Sweet cards Kel Smile
very awesome
Very Nice stuff
Love that Vegas Baby!!
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