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Full Version: New Pickups for trade
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Mainly looking for Griffey & Ripken. But will consider others. I am still working on getting some of these in the org but let me know I will get it in there.

Aside from the scans I picked up several hundred refractors, inserts and rc's. If anyone is interested in teams / player let me know and I can get these added in for you. (Topps Chrome, BC, Lineage & Finest)

Some RC's picked up:
8 Finests Belts
5 Finest Hosmers
10 Pineda Finest
7 Lawrie Chromes

04 Sandberg L&L Auto /160 (has some fading so not looking for BV on this)

[Image: Scan006.jpg]
[Image: Scan005.jpg]
[Image: Scan004.jpg]
[Image: Scan003.jpg]
[Image: Scan002.jpg]
[Image: Scan001.jpg]
Like the Montero and Nunez,I have some Griff and Ripken loaded.
check me for the pudge and maddux
check me I think I have a couple Ripkins in there.
please check me for the McCann I need it for the set
check me for the ike n stras
Check me for the Barney...thanks!
Would like the Starling Marte. Check me.
open offer sent.
Check me for the hunter Morris.
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