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Recent and not so recent pick ups. Just now getting around to posting my 2012 Topps stuff, I got it when it came out. One box, one base set and I am done. Dont want the codes either, if anyone wants them, Ill accept PP. Lots more in my bucket if anyone wants to take a look. Could probably use an update though, sorry if I dont have something. Organize is very much up to date though, just no pretty pictures.

[Image: pedroiapin.jpg]
[Image: jeterbase.jpg]
[Image: mccarthyblack.jpg]
[Image: jeterFT-Copy.jpg]
[Image: johanredchicle.jpg]
[Image: wallacejsy.jpg]
[Image: jeterbase2.jpg]
[Image: 2010ColvinYoungau.jpg]
[Image: nightSSP.jpg]
[Image: Scan.jpg]
[Image: jeter1.jpg]
[Image: ityf.jpg]
[Image: AndrusRCauto.jpg]
[Image: 22.jpg]
[Image: 01-03-2012051923PM.jpg]
[Image: MattMooreFGR50.jpg]
[Image: utleyblackhert62.jpg]
[Image: priceblue.jpg]
[Image: ogandorcref.jpg]
[Image: gabyred25.jpg]
[Image: ssp1.jpg]
[Image: Scan1.jpg]
[Image: ryj.jpg]
[Image: nrh.jpg]
[Image: monteronoesi2.jpg]
[Image: Monteronoesi.jpg]
[Image: dicekRCSP.jpg]

[Image: 60YOTjeet.jpg]
[Image: JoeyVOtto08TripleThreadsSaphireRC25.jpg]
[Image: HeritageBlackBillingsley.jpg]
[Image: Ibanezredref.jpg]
Open offer sent for Griffey Goodwin. Thanks.
[Image: kjy.jpg]
[Image: kihg.jpg]
Check my org. and send me an open offer if you see anything you like. I saw lots of stuff I could use. Like the Gaby red!
Griffey Night SP is gone and the Moore Bowman Plat Relic

Tdog, seen a couple, offer sent
Sanchez red, Beckham auto, Colvin auto are all gone.
Thanks for the trades guys, keep the offers coming!
Gonna run to the LCS and hardware store, I may or may not have more scans when I get home.
Check me for that Hosmer Blue Refractor please
TTT please, thanks for the trades guys.
Is the Hosmer still for trade? or is it gone?
(02-18-2012 08:22 PM)rad_1205 Wrote: [ -> ]Is the Hosmer still for trade? or is it gone?

Still available
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