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As the title stats please contact me asap
Yes Sir cant afford the $100 and box chance and ebay has them going for more funds then I have so my beckett friends maybe my only resource of getting it for my pc.

But on a side note yes GARY anything!
Even trade your Gretzky & Yzerman autographs straight up for it?
Best luck to you! I am going to be breaking some more Crown soon, and I will let you know if I pull it!

Il get one for you. Please pm me
ty malcom
This card looks really sketchy dude, whats up with that?

[Image: 056-1.jpg]
What does that card have to do with this post? Have I said it was for trade if it was real or fake? No why couldent u pm me and ask???

Long story short I picked it up in a lot of Cup cards I bought off the bay have know info on it
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