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Full Version: Weekend trade Thread
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Opened a couple boxes of Sig Stars, heres what i got, as always feel free to check the Org as well.

Had the itch for a pack of hockey, so i opened a new crown royale, and pulled the Bryz.

Looking to trade for Cardinals / Berkman Autos.

[Image: IMG_0034.jpg]
Looks like the bottom got caught off of Travis Snider. lol.
Nice Varitek man.
(02-17-2012 07:28 PM)dbroockerd Wrote: [ -> ]Nice Varitek man.

THanks! hoping there is a fan of his around!
(02-17-2012 07:36 PM)Krangry Wrote: [ -> ]THanks! hoping there is a fan of his around!

Used to be a few until the new site launched, but there are still a ton of Boston fans.
Please CMb for the varitek auto
All pms responded to.
I could use that Varitek for bait if you want to check
Bump for a boring monday.
check me for the harper and vtek
Midweek Bump!
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