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Here is the rest of the mail in this week so far 

A few set pieces, down to just two left with two incoming 

Mark Carrier /25
Clay Matthews /25 

Fran Tarkenton /15 
Alan Page /25 

Dan Fouts 11/25
[Image: DanFouts11of25.jpg]

Peyton Manning 9/10
[Image: peytonmanning001.jpg]

Wayne Chrebet 13/25
[Image: WayneChrebet13of25.jpg]

Anquan Boldin 24/25
[Image: AnquanBoldin.jpg]

Jan Stenerud 3/5 
[Image: JanStenerud3of5.jpg]

Now some Chiefs 

One for Mini Me 

Matt Cassel Unrivaled 31/50
[Image: MattCassell31of50.jpg]

And mine


[Image: DTfinest001.jpg]

[Image: DTprosetRC001.jpg]

[Image: DTtimelesstributes001.jpg]

[Image: DerrickThomas-5.jpg]

More coming 
A couple Eric Berry 

[Image: EricBerry5of10.jpg]

[Image: EricBerry12of25.jpg]

A Brandon Flowers 

[Image: BrandonFlowers9of250.jpg]

T Jax 

[Image: TysonJackson19of50.jpg]

And the Justin Houston's 

[Image: limited001.jpg]

[Image: JustinHouston32of50.jpg]

[Image: JustinHouston8of25.jpg]

[Image: JustinHouston.jpg]

[Image: JustinHouston7of25.jpg]

[Image: JustinHouston1of5.jpg]
[Image: JustinHouston5of5.jpg]
Great stuff my man!
nice stuff lump
Thanks guys it's been a pretty good week
(02-16-2012 01:21 PM)biglump007 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks guys it's been a pretty good week

Lump I havent seen a beautiful bubble mailer in my mailbox in ages
Nice ones bro, real nice. Love the DT's!!! That Stenard and Boldin are ridiculous man and that Chrebet is pretty sweet too. Congrats!
Sweet pickups
Always nice to see your maildays Lump, nice stuff!
Awesome cards there! The patches on the FOTG Anquan Boldin are so damn hot.
(02-16-2012 02:40 PM)nineof Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome cards there! The patches on the FOTG Anquan Boldin are so damn hot.

+1 the FOTG has great patches, but that Boldin is SICK
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