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Got three Shoutouts to get out there to some great members, sorry it took a bit but Wifey has been having software issues on the desktop so she couldn't upload any scans. Anyway want to say thank you to these awesome members for some sweet PC help  

From JDetter, I know some will think its only a base card but these haven't came around much and it's a huge help. Thank Bro 

Justin Houston Topps Magic 
[Image: JustinHouston2.jpg]

Then from Rogue, for some reason of which I'm not sure, my first Stanzi auto. Thank you again my friend. 

Ricky Stanzi Elite Rookie Auto 
[Image: stanzielite001.jpg]

And finally I got blindsided IEagles style, Wifey opened this one and told me what was in it and I said sweet but where's it from lol. After she read the very nice note I found out that IEagles had sent these beauties. 

Jon Baldwin Rookies And Stars Dress For Success Jersey 
[Image: JonathanBaldwin69of249.jpg]

And then this, now as most of you know I don't use the term sick very much but this thing needs a Doctor. 

Jon Baldwin Crown Royale Die Cut Patch Auto 
[Image: JonathanBaldwin130of209.jpg]
That is a Sick Baldwin!!!!
Thanks guys, Wifey text me a pic of the Baldwin and all I could say was ohhhhhhhhhhh that's nastisity
Yes it is, I saw it somewhere or one just like it, but i am glad it found its way home!! Way to go guys, congrats bro!!
Sweet freebies someone gets lotsa love around here.....Tongue
Nice going guys.
Nice additions! WTG peeps!
Glad you like it lump! Wink

It's in a better place now.
Thanks guy, and thank you again to three great members you really are what makes the Beckett world go round
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