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does everyone use USPS for shipping? If you do what is the average cost per trade?
I come up with $4.90 w/DC.. Is that average?
I ship with bubble mailer(4x7 or 6x9) in soft sleeve, in top loader, in team bag and a d/c #, the postage usually runs about $2.80(depending on number of cards).
3 oz or less, 1st class. with dc, using paypal shipping, is 1.69

priority is 4.90 with dc though paypal
I just did one this morning through PayPal and it cost $1.64 for two ounces in a padded bubble mailer with a DC.

Thanks everyone.
Paypal: up to 3 oz $1.64..can not beat trip to PO, easy and cheaper
Thanks will look into PayPal did not realize they had shipping. Thanks for the info!
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