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Full Version: Prestige 2010/2011
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Let me know if you guys are interested in any of these I will send you pictures just pm me your email address. I don't have access to a scanner, so not really sure how else to upload pics without them being to large.

Kobe Bryant Prestige Pros Game Worn Jersey White #49/99
Kevin Martin Stars of the NBA Game Worn #25/249
Rodney Stuckey Prestige Pros #443/499
Dexter Pittman Prestige Picks #277/299
sweet kobe
Ya love the Kobe...what you looking for?
Derrick Rose or Cash...
Here is some picks of the kobe

Mod Edit (XstreamINsanity): Please do not post live auctions on the boards, thanks.

Please check me for the kobe..thanks
Don't really see anything...Interested in purchsing the card? Shoot me a fair price and it's yours.
Not intersted in buying..thanks tho
Gotta say nice pulls.
Hi, can you check me for the Kobe?
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