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Check me and see if I have anything you need. Only interested in trading right now,not buying. The cards I HAVE,are marked with the 'star'. It's backwards,but it works for me Wink

Also Looking for:

Gypsy Queen Framed Greens-

Gypsy Queen Queens-

Gypsy Queen SPs-301.302.303.304.306.308.311.312.315.316.317.318.319.320.321.

2012 Topps Needs:

Gold Standard:15.



Golden Greats:8.27.69.
Darn, got all excited, saw a bunch of stars and thought I had stuff for you.
Hey buddy, I know our other deal fell through for the Castro, but I do still have those inserts if you want them, and I also have a Yogi Berra jersey card in my org if you're interested as well. Let me know and maybe we can work something else out.
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