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Full Version: It was a pleasure....
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It was a pleasure trading with you guys and as you know I am just now getting my account back after a temporary ban.

I have decided that I do not have the time or patience to search every card I own and put it in the organize just to see if someone MIGHT want it.

I understand those are the rules, and unfortunately for me I do not have that kind of time on my hands. Other sites don't require it, and they make posting a trade very simple. I understand the rules here and why it's in place, but I hate that someone can get banned for not having a card in the organize while others still have accounts after ripping people off. To some of you that I have traded with you guys already know how to get up with me.

I will answer PMs and whatnot for the next few days, but I will no longer be trading on this site. I will drop in to say hello once in awhile and show off my box breaks however.

Have a great rest of 2012!
I am glad they lifted the ban on you, you are right, some others needed the boot a LONG time ago for ALOT worse!!

I also understand your reasoning for trading here. But at least you can still hang over here if you want.

Welcome back! Smile
Cheers bro
shame to see a member get a ban for an org with others doing much worse.

I hope you stick around.

I still want that Whalen!
It's all good. Like I said, I like to be social and what little time I have, I chat around and what not, but I seriously do NOT have time to list all 300+ cards in the org, on top of the fact that I get new cards almost every day and I bust 10-15 boxes in a given week.

It's just too overwhelming and it's a pain in the rear end to have to list 40-50 new cards a day on top of scanning them to photobucket and organizing them for real in my binders ready to send out.
Well I hope we can still get something done for some
Hey pm me ur email so I can keep in touch with some cowboy stuff. Hate to see you go!

A++++++ trader!
Would do business n e time

Hope you liked ur cards
Thanks Cody! And likewise!

and uhhmm Roosters, I won't even tell you about the Chris Cooley Auto Lettermen I pulled today.... oops
Welcome back and hopefully you will still contribute to the forums in any way you can. Smile
I will contribute in ANY way except trading. I will do my trading on other sites, but I will still hang out here to be social with the friends I made.
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