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Looking for Al Kaline
Any top prospect Autos or refractors such as:
Moore, Bauer, Trout, Teheran, Cole, Taillon, J. Parker, Bundy, Miller, etc.
[Image: IMG_0016_NEW.jpg]
[Image: Munson.jpg]
[Image: manny.jpg]
[Image: 2card.jpg]
[Image: Brock.jpg]
[Image: Ichiro.jpg]
[Image: 4set.jpg]

[Image: adam.jpg]
[Image: 10of10.jpg]
[Image: mauer.jpg]
[Image: dual.jpg]
Not sure if i have anything your looking for, but would love a shot at the Willie, and the Waino.
send me an offer!! thanks
Sent, didnt see the willie listed.
I need the Strawberry, sending open offer now
[Image: IMG_0001-1.jpg]
Check me for the Fisk please.
Check me for the Ichiro plaease.
cmb for the willie mcgee
pm sent !!!
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