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Got completely blindsided by a couple of great members today...

Big shout to my Hawaiian brother broncoboy27!! You know me too well...a Longhorn and a DB 34!!!

[Image: img554.jpg]

And this one...was wondering where it had gone!! Wink

[Image: img555.jpg][Image: img554-1.jpg]

Gottabe came out of NOWHERE to deliver this one! Saw it in his thread/post somewhat recently, but never thought it would show up here!

Bo Scaife (Longhorn Grad!!) FOTG prime auto /5!!

[Image: img556.jpg]

Much love to my Beckett friends for continuing to make this site something amazing!!
Sweet I remember a conversation about a Bo Scaife like that congrats, and WTG guys
Great cards, way to go guys!
Way to be awesome broncoboy27 and gottabe!!!

Love the Donald Brown 34. Wink
thats awesome! congrats and well done by 2 great members Smile
Out of "NOWHERE" ?

Glad to see that you are finally calling Texas...Nowhere Smile
Thank you for posting friends! Just Heart beckett!
Way to go guys and yes, Joe comes out of nowhere alot.... Tongue
Best Bo Scaife card I've ever seen. Congrats, RW! Way to go guys!
Congrats, Wendy! I'm jealous. Nice job, guys!
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