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Openned 1 box.

1st pack was the best hit: a very sick card
[Image: CIMG1407.jpg]

the rest of the hits are:
[Image: CIMG1413.jpg] [Image: CIMG1414.jpg] [Image: CIMG1418.jpg]

[Image: CIMG1416.jpg] [Image: CIMG1415.jpg]

and the Answer / 25
[Image: CIMG1410.jpg] [Image: CIMG1411.jpg]

here a look at the patch card again.
[Image: CIMG1409.jpg]
Sick patch! How many breaks are there on the Terry patch? Help! Smile
Awesome patch, congrats.
nice patch for retail.... how much was the box?
Nice hit outta retail!!! Im going after the set if you're trading. I think I need some of those RCs
SICK PATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(02-12-2012 02:31 PM)jpleazme805 Wrote: [ -> ]nice patch for retail.... how much was the box?

Thank! Blowoutcard black Friday sale, and I think it cost $25.
Nice !i
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