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Full Version: 2011 Finest Break
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This was my first break in well over a year, just got the itch while driving past the shop.

Cain Velsquez Gold Parallel Redemption
[Image: IMG_0004.jpg]

Jim Miller Finest Threads 74/88
[Image: IMG_0005.jpg]

Yoshihiro Akiyama Finest Flag Bearers Auto 20/25
[Image: IMG_0006.jpg]

Mark Hominick Finest Threads
[Image: IMG_0007.jpg]

Brandon Schuab Finest Threads Jumbo
[Image: IMG_0008.jpg]

Matt Wiman Auto
[Image: IMG_0009.jpg]

Evans 223/388, Nogueira 233/388, GSP 294/388, Brookins 83/388, Faber Atomic, Jackson Atomic
[Image: IMG_0010.jpg]

Jones Finest Moments 211/388, Bonnar Finest Moments 134/188, Coouture 87/888, Leben 647/888, Belfort 357/888, Florian 119/888
[Image: IMG_0011.jpg]

Sakara 264/888, Ellenberger 328/888, Santiago 632/888, Franklin 759/888
[Image: IMG_0012.jpg]
I would be interested in the Nogueria and Brookins Refractors if you are trading them. If so, check out my Org amd PM me if interested or not in trading. Thank you.

Great break! Congrats!
Very nice break.
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