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Jimmie Johnson - Prominent Pieces - 02/25
Donnie Allison - Lasting Legacies - 16/25
Tim Richmond - LL - 24/75
Neil Bonnett - LL - 150/175
Davy Allison - LL 11/25
Ernie Irvan - LL - 071/175

AU's- Dave Pearson - Motorsport Masters - 37/50
Bill Elliott - MM - 24/99
Terry Labonte - 067/119
Kurt Busch - 22/25
Mike Joy - 30/50
Shirly Muldowney - 42/122

All FT
Nice Break!!!!!!
Can you check me for the Muldowney
Ill take a look - Thanks.
(02-10-2012 11:55 PM)roostersclassics11 Wrote: [ -> ]Can you check me for the Muldowney
Nice breaks! I'd like to get the JJ PP card if you are interested in trading it. I currently don't have an OPG, so I can't get to my ORG to send a TO. But I would trade 2 of my Danica's for it (no RU/AU), if you need them or are interested.
Can I see a scan of the JJ? I will be renewing my OPG in about a week (I am trying to move the renewal date past my normal monthly bills to make it easier on my paychecks)! LMK.
Nice break man!!
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