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(02-18-2012 04:13 PM)walth4 Wrote: [ -> ]4's are definitely tough. The one I just subbed is probably the nicest one I've had in hand, so I can only hope for a 4! I'll definitely let you know how it turns out.

I've noticed that Dave has been bumping up the prices on those Venes. He's probably figured out that he's a pretty good hub to find them. I know I paid more than I wanted for the cards I purchased from him, but they are hard to find so I was willing to pay it.

I contacted John Rumierz to see if he can be of any additional help, so thanks for that tip!

Are you a member of the Topps Venezuela Yahoo Group? I haven't been involved much there, but it's another good place to do some networking.

Hope John can help you out. I tried to join the Yahoo Group several years ago and never received a response. I'll try to check it out again.
Thanks for the interesting thread. I had never heard about this set and other Venezuelans until now.
I know where some of these are. Mantle included ungraded. I have a friend that does not know much about cards and he called me the other day. Said he traded for them 15 years ago. I thought they were the regular US issued, then he said the guy was Venezuelan and describe the cards. Says he has a box full of them from 1966.
(02-10-2012 05:34 PM)coimbre 21 Wrote: [ -> ]There are very few of us out there. If you have any, even one, it would be great to hear about it.

I have a thing for Topps scarcer cousins (see O Pee Chee thread) and especially for 1966 Topps Venezuelans.

There is only one fully complete 1966 Topps Venezuelan registered set in PSA, BVG, or SGC combined. I've worked very patiently to put together the second largest registered set (through BVG) at 60% complete. I'm sure there are other complete raw sets out there. I can only imagine the trove some of the Venezuelan dealers/collectors have in their possession.

Mantle is the key card of the 66 set but Aparicio is probably the most elusive, since he was/is Venezuela's King of Baseball and the most sought after card in Venezuela when these came out. I have neither but among the HOF's I do have are Clemente, Yaz, Koufax, Rose, and poorer example of Willie Mays.
Im not sure if it was a typo did you mean 64 or 67 instead of 66???? Ill show you some 1964 scans when i can scan them Wink
Ok heres a few

[Image: 0002.jpg]

[Image: 001.jpg]

[Image: jimbritton_LarryMaxie.jpg]

[Image: BillyWilliams.jpg]

[Image: BoogPowell.jpg]

[Image: BrooksRobinson.jpg]
[Image: DickStuart-AlKaline-HarmonKillebrew.jpg]

[Image: LouBrock.jpg]

[Image: juanmarichal.jpg]

[Image: JesusAlou-RonHerbel.jpg]

[Image: HoytWilhelm.jpg]

[Image: HarmonKillebrew-DickStuart-BobAllis.jpg]
[Image: HankAaron.jpg]

[Image: FelipeAlou.jpg]

[Image: DukeSnider.jpg]

[Image: LouPiniella.jpg]

[Image: MattyAlou.jpg]

[Image: NellieFox.jpg]
[Image: NellieFox-HarmonKillebrew.jpg]

[Image: PeteRose.jpg]

[Image: RichieAllen-JohnHerrnstein.jpg]

[Image: RobinRoberts.jpg]

[Image: RockyColavito.jpg]

[Image: RogerMaris.jpg]

[Image: RustyStaub.jpg]
[Image: SandyKoufax.jpg]

[Image: SandyKoufaxgame1.jpg]

[Image: SandyKoufax-JimMaloney-DonDrysdale.jpg]

[Image: TonyOliva-JayWard.jpg]

[Image: WhiteyFord-CamiloPascual-JimBouton.jpg]

[Image: WillieDavis.jpg]
[Image: WillieMccovey-LeonWagner.jpg]

[Image: YogiBerra.jpg]

[Image: AlKaline.jpg]

I have over 200 hundred. Im trying to put the set together so thats why.............
I thought Id share some others from 67 which are pretty rare too, all are venezuelan.

[Image: WillieMays1.jpg]

[Image: SandyKoufax67.jpg]

[Image: CarlHubbell.jpg]
I love them! Great pick-ups!
Ok I scanned them all take a look.........

[Image: venezuela1.jpg]

[Image: venezuela2.jpg]

[Image: venezuela3.jpg]

[Image: venezuela4.jpg]

[Image: venezuela5.jpg]

[Image: venezuela6.jpg]

[Image: venezuela7.jpg]

[Image: venezuela8.jpg]

[Image: venezuela9.jpg]

[Image: venezuela11.jpg]

[Image: venezuela12.jpg]

[Image: venezuela13.jpg]
[Image: venezuela14.jpg]

[Image: venezuela15.jpg]

[Image: venezuela16.jpg]

[Image: venezuela17.jpg]

[Image: venezuela18.jpg]

[Image: venezuela19.jpg]
[Image: venezuela20.jpg]

[Image: venezuela21.jpg]

[Image: venezuela22.jpg]

[Image: venezuela23.jpg]

[Image: venezuela24.jpg]

[Image: venezuela25.jpg]
[Image: venezuela26.jpg]

[Image: venezuela27.jpg]

[Image: venezuela28.jpg]

[Image: venezuela29.jpg]

[Image: venezuela30.jpg]

[Image: venezuela31.jpg]
[Image: venezuela32.jpg]

[Image: venezuela33.jpg]

[Image: venezuela34.jpg]

[Image: venezuela35.jpg]

[Image: venezuela36.jpg]

[Image: venezuela37.jpg]
[Image: venezuela38.jpg]

[Image: venezuela39.jpg]

[Image: venezuela40.jpg]

[Image: venezuela41.jpg]
Nice! Thanks for all the effort to post these 64s. Tape marks and all, the Rose, Koufax, Aaron, Kaline, etc are rare gems. How many more do you need to complete the set? I have about 130 Venezuelan 64's. I know there are complete sets out there, but as far as registered sets go, there are NO complete 64 Venezuelan sets in PSA, BVG, or SGC and the average grade for the partial registries is below EX. To answer your question, I'm closer to completing my 66 set. Are you in Venezuela? Thanks again man!
Your welcome! Last time I checked I was missing a few hundred but I think I can get my hands on a few of them. From the big names im missing a few, Mantle, Mays and Clemente and I think the rest are mostly commons. Yeah im in Venezuela thats why I have a little more access to finding the ones im missing, but the majority I got from my dad and Ive wanted to complete the set ever since. Glad you liked them!!!
Love them! I might have to start working on the 64 Cardinals set now Smile
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