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Full Version: Pages for mini cards?
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Do they sell these? I looked at the local card shop, and they didn't have any. I'm looking for pages that are designed for the what I am collecting (Kimball, gypsy queen). I'm looking for around 50 pages or so (looking to get them all at once).

I'm asking on the trading part here for the reason that maybe someone has them I was hoping to trade for them. I am only looking to trade base cards for those who are doing sets. Let me know, thanks.
They need to. That is a great idea and a page would likely hold a good 25 cards or so.
I think they do. I might have seen some at the show a couple of weeks ago. Check with pete, he would know for sure
They have some. I have some 15 per page. Pete has told me the ones that hold 20 are better. Ill send you a PM!
They make them. I have only seen the 15 not the 20. The 15 work good.
I have my GQ minis and Kimbals in the 15 card page. Ultra pro brand, they fit in the D-ring binder. My LCS sells them but I'm sure you can find them on line.

this place is just minutes from cleveland. Very good for supplies and toploaders
I use the 20 per page ones as the others have said. The Kimballs might be better served in the 15ct pages, they are slightly bigger and are pretty tight in the 20ct sheets.
It's also easier to count in 20's than 15's when adding cards to a binder Smile
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